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Fitness & Healthcare

Seattle Website Design builds websites for health clubs and fitness organizations that need to promote, track and manage clients, revenue and fitness goals. We offer interactive websites that allow businesses to track client's progress and set both short term and long term goals which are tracked through online websites and mobile applications.

Fitness Tracking:

  • Target Heart Rate
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat Percent
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Caloric Usage
  • With full summary view


Sports League & Tournament Management

Design Cyborg builds websites to build and manage sports leagues through a mobile compatible website or application that allows you to create and manage your sport website and sport league tournaments. Our websites offer features like single, team and knockout Tournaments, Clubs, Teams, Players and photo galleries management. Our sports league websites can be used as a complete single league or multiple leagues platform supporting almost any kind of Sport event, team or championship. Our most popular websites are football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rugby, softball, hockey, darts, e-sport and e-games.

Popular Features:

  • Team/Single types of Tournaments (manage several kinds of sports on one website and build leagues)
  • Player/Team management (customizable profiles, League Statistics, League Matches lists, Photos)
  • Match with Statistics and Photos
  • Group/Double elimination/Knockout types of Matches
  • Ability to create detailed league Calendars
  • Friendly Match features
  • Flexible Season tables and Ranking criteria
  • Clubs
  • Venues
  • Player/Team registration
  • Players can edit their profile
  • Game maps
  • invite/add participant to a Match/Team
  • Ability to comment matches
  • Ability to create Paid tournaments

Sports Gambling Websites

Seattle Website Design builds betting sports gambling websites for soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, hockey, Boxing, MMA and any other competitive sport. We support Pre-Game betting and In-Game betting in the following formats: 1x2 (Home,Draw,Away), Double chance (1X, 12, X2), 1x2 Handicap (1H, XH, 2H), Under/Over and Exact Scores. Our websites work on all devices including tablets, iPhone and android phones. We offer offshore hosting in the Netherlands, which allows your website to operate legally and will keep your business from getting shut down.

The Guide To Gambling On Sports Legally Online

In many parts of the world, gambling on sports online is a very simple process, simply sign up to a sportsbook of your choice, deposit some money and start betting. However, in some places, online sports betting can be a more difficult affair especially in the US, which is the focus of this article.

In the following guide, you’ll see an explanation of the legal situation in the US, moving onto where US players can gamble online, then the methods used in depositing and withdrawing money, finishing with some advice on choosing the right sportsbook for US players.

Legal Online Sports Betting – The US Legal Situation

Although some of the legal issues surrounding online gambling in the US can be a bit of a grey area, the current situation is that banking transactions between financial institutions and betting sites are considered illegal. This has never been the subject of a test case because the banks pretty much all refuse to knowingly complete a gambling transaction. In addition, betting on many professional sports is not allowed in most states, though, horseracing and greyhound betting are often allowed.

At the present time, no individual American has ever been arrested, indicted or prosecuted under Federal laws for gambling online. Some states have wide open laws banning all gambling, many of which are thought to encompass online betting.

Legal Online Sports Betting – Where US Gamblers Can Play

The only option for US sports bettors is to bet offshore with online gambling sites. These sites are based in Antigua or Netherlands Antilles where gambling online is legal. They take deposits by processing under international codes and have built up large and loyal followings.

Legal Online Sports Betting – Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

The most popular and easiest way of depositing to an offshore sportsbook is by using a Visa credit card. Several sportsbooks accept this payment from American sports bettors. The Visa card will either come in the form of a credit card where you’ll pay off the balance at the end of the month or let the balance roll over, a debit card where the funds will be transferred direct from your current account or a pre-paid card which will normally have a small fee attached to it.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to withdraw any funds back to your Visa card. The most popular way of receiving your funds back is through a paper check, though, using a money transfer service is another option for some larger payouts, including Money Transfer.

Legal Online Sports Betting – Finding the Right Sportsbook

There are many factors you should consider when choosing the right sportsbook for you and I have listed some of these.

Reputation – When making real money transactions with any company, as in any walk of life, you want to feel safe in the knowledge that your investment is safe and it’s no different when it comes to gambling. In an ideal world, you’d like to sign up to a sportsbook that has been in the marketplace a long time as a long standing firm will be more likely to pay out with no problems and have a good level of customer service.

Bonuses – Many sportsbooks will offer bonuses when signing up to the site, either in the form of a free bet or an amount added to your account balance. These bonuses will normally have terms and conditions attached, so check these out as some bonuses that may on the surface look better than others.

Availability of bets – Does the sportsbook offer all of the bets you actually want? You may have a particular interest in betting in a less popular sport, does the site cover this sport and if so, in the amount of detail you want? As an example, you might want to bet on European Basketball totals. If the site doesn’t cater to this, you can cross them off your list.

Pricing Competitiveness – Does the sportsbook offer odds in line with the other sites or are they better. In many ways this can be the most important factor when deciding a sportsbook as we’re all in this game to make money. If the pricing is not competitive, it’ll be much harder to increase your all-important bankroll.

Staking Restrictions – Some sportsbooks will penalize successful bettors by reducing the size of the bets that the individual has. Although frustrating, it is a part of the gambling industry, so check online to see if the sportsbook you have in mind has a track record of this.

Legal Online Sports Betting – Overview

Although not as easy as it once was, online sports betting for US players is still viable and if you follow some of the advice, it can be relatively straightforward. Pick the right site for you using the above guidelines and your sports betting experience will be an enjoyable one.

Real Estate Websites & Applications

Real Estate Websites

Design Cyborg builds custom real estate websites which include advanced features such as IDX integration, property listings, property maps and quality lead generation. Your website is able to provide daily listings from the MLS area you provide for. We are able to market highly customized and branded real estate websites online and through email and social marketing campaigns which allow your properties to be shown to selected demographics based on location, income or other targeted audiences.

  • Users can bookmark properties, save searches and receive notification emails.
  • Real estate agents can manage Users & Groups and access control
  • Display an embedded property videos from YouTube.
  • Display attachments of properties, including floor plans, contracts, etc.
  • Display the details and size of each room in the property.
  • Display the features of the property.
  • Show the list of appliances within the property
  • Add different room types with their sizes
  • Display the proximity of the property with different points of interests.
  • Define Listing Types for rent, for sale, vacation rental, student accommodation, etc. These can be used later at the time of adding properties.
  • User-Friendly guided wizard for adding/editing properties.
  • Use a Property Wizard to tag properties with Open House, Foreclosure, Price Reduction, Featured, Hot Offer, etc.
  • Send the URL of a property directly to the user's Facebook wall.
  • Users can send a property to a friend directly from the property show page.
  • Email Notification Manager in the backend sends out notification emails to website clients, agents and admins.
  • Provide RSS feed for the list of the properties.
  • Show the location of properties on Google maps in the property details page.
  • If the street view is available in a given area, tab in the property show page displays the street view.
  • Display the contact information of the agent in the property page.


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