Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

Design Cyborg specializes in email marketing through newsletters, coupon emails and promotional specials. We build websites with built in email marketing software which allows you to capture user emails and automatically add them to scheduled newsletters with full names and contact information attached.

Welcome Emails

Make a great first impression with a welcome email automatically delivered to people who join your list. Thank new sales leads, customers, or members for joining with a discount or promotion and tell them what to expect next. An easy-to-read report continuously updates to show how many welcome emails have been sent, opened and clicked.

Mobile Newsletter Emails

Mobile Device Emails

Did you know that over half of all email is opened on mobile devices? And that 70% of people will delete your email if it doesn’t look good on their phones and tablets? Every one of our templates will automatically adjust to look great across a wide range of screen sizes.



Newsletter Design

Email Marketing Services

Promote your products and services through professionally designed newsletters and promotional email campaigns. Design Cyborg creates email templates, and mailer campaigns for businesses that need to reach large numbers of customers through email marketing. Our email templates work on all devices and showcase your business with information and pictures that are editable.

Newsletter marketing involves sending out informational emails to clients. Some companies send newsletters through the mail, but the vast majority of companies today connect with customers over email. Email is cheaper and faster and produces data that can be more easily studied to create more relevant newsletters.

Newsletters may contain a range of content that is not exclusively related to shopping. Companies might include everything from industry news, to interesting statistics, and "how to" articles in a given issue of a newsletter. Because consumers already indicated their interest in receiving the newsletter, companies can create more interesting content they know will engage their base.

Information about multiple products, sales, or company initiatives can be contained in a single email newsletter. This information is often more detailed than what could be included in a print or radio ad, because there is no limit on the length of an email. The multimedia aspect of emails also allows business to include links that allow customers to buy products immediately. They present convenient sales channels that lead customers directly to a company's official site.


SEO Webmastering

Webmaster SEO Tools

The first step in improving SEO rankings is making sure that your website has proper integration with the Search Engines that you are listed on. Webmastering includes registering your website with Google, Bing, Yahoo & DMOZ, building and submitting sitemaps to your content, signing up with analytics, and creating pages with social networks. Following these steps lets the internet know that your website is online and ready to start receiving traffic.


Social Media SEO

Social Media Internet Marketing

Today, much of SEO relies on social media. Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo look for social media pages and links to calculate your page rank. Design Cyborg specializes in creating and managing social network profiles and pages for SEO of websites, mobile apps and online businesses. We are able to attract users to like and share your social media content by creating relevant and interesting content and posts. We manage accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram & Pinterest.


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