Digital Illustration

Seattle Adobe Illustrator Design

Design Cyborg uses Adobe Illustrator to create original illustrations for printing and digital usage. Our artwork is used in magazines, applications, promotional material, product design, comic books, children's stories, cartoons, portraits, fashion, medical, scientific, educational, and geological purposes.


3D Cars, Planes, Boats, Trains & More!

Design Cyborg designs existing and prototype vehicles of all types, shapes and sizes. We can create exact replicas of existing vehicles with custom paint and modifications or create prototype vehicles from ideas and notes. We design race cars, military vehicles, boats, submarines, tankers, jets, spaceships, fantasy craft, horse-drawn, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and more.

3D Buildings & Architecture

Design Cyborg builds realistic 3D buildings and architecture for industrial, gaming, video production and prototype purposes. We can create homes, castles, skyscrapers, mansions, cottages, caves, treehouses, temples and more. The level of detail involved in our architecture is so realistic that many of our renderings cannot be differentiated from the real thing. Our designs come complete with paint, patina, furniture, texture, carpet, blinds, curtains, decor, plants and any objects which make your dream structure a reality.