Graphic Design

Business Logo Design

Logo Design

Design Cyborg creates custom logos, icons and graphics for businesses, public projects and organizations which require a creative and branded look. We use a variety of design methods and formats to create a distinct style.

Some of our popular designs include hand drawn, illustration, calligraphy, vectors, patterns, abstract, app logos, transparent, flat, crest, 3d, font, gradient, mascot, cartoon, stamp, symbol, Victorian, art deco, vintage, industrial, western, lithography, children's, mosaic, animal, flags, cultural. negative space, letter stacking, monoline.


Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Design Cyborg designs professional looking business cards in a variety of styles, card stocks and finishes. We create your card to match your businesses brand and company theme. Generally, business cards have your company name, contact information, your logo and a visual design that stands out to your potential customers.

We have designed business cards for clients in all industries including legal, medical, food services, automotive service, professional services, technology, retail, manufacturing and more.

Signage Design

Sign Design

When potential customers are looking for your business or just driving down your street, your sign will usually be the first impression. Your sign represents your organization and educates people about your products and services. Design Cyborg creates custom signage, banners and storefront branding for businesses, corporations, public institutions, and non-profit organizations. We can design custom billboards, advertisements, cutouts, backlit sings, vehicle wraps, hand painted, wall murals and custom artwork.


Flyer Design

Corporate Website Design

Design Cyborg designs and illustrates custom business flyers and handouts for marketing and information purposes. Grab people's attention with many formats and sizes of flyers such as trifold, bifold, post card and single sheet designs. Our flyers are used in promotion of sporting events, business services, night clubs, calendars, expos, trade shows, local business and more. We place your content strategically throughout the flyer in a way that promotes your services, events and products to your target audience without distraction or confusion.