Product Development & Design

Product Design

Design Cyborg provides professional consulting for companies who need to design prototypes, renderings, artwork, sketches or mock ups of new products and business models. We create offer 2D and 3D designs and are able to create mock-ups and plans for manufacturing and production at in-house prices. Design Cyborg consults with best designers and brightest engineers to create functioning product designs and branded packaging for marketing and distribution.

New Business & Start-Up Development

Startup Business Consulting

Design Cyborg specializes in taking business ideas, developing them into realistic business applications and delivering completely branded packages, products and services to public, private and government consumers. We give new businesses and start-up companies a solid business foundation by offering professional services, manufacturing options, and a lasting network of professionals that your organization can depend on.

Professional Branding & Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design Cyborg is an established creative intelligence company from Seattle, that specializes in online and offline marketing campaigns. We create and develop branding materials and market strategies for local businesses, large corporations, organized campaigns and public projects. Design Cyborg communicates your businesses message through the use of graphics, media and well designed promotional materials.